Accepted Abstracts:

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  • Lyubomir Borissov and Yuri Borissov. On the irrationality of the angles of Kloosterman sums over $\mathbb{F}_p$.
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  • Thomas Cusick and Alexandru Chirvasitu. Symbolic dynamics and rotation symmetric Boolean functions.
  • Said Eddahmani and Sihem Mesnager. Explicit Values of the Tables DDT, BCT, FBCT, and FBDT
    of the Inverse, the Gold, and the Bracken-Leander Functions.
  • Shibam Ghosh and Leo Perrin. Some Experimental Results on Quadratic APN Functions.
  • Sartaj Ul Hasan, Mohit Pal and Pantelimon Stanica. The (generalized) boomerang uniformity of some classes of functions over finite fields.
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  • Sihem Mesnager, Sihong Su and Jingjing Li. On concrete constructions of weightwise perfectly balanced functions with optimal algebraic immunity and high weightwise nonlinearity.
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