The Ernst Selmer International Workshop

August 22, 2022 – August 27, 2022 all-day
Hotel Union Geiranger
Geirangervegen 100
6216 Geiranger
The weather can be cold and rainy. Please check the weather forecast before the trip and have appropriate clothes (multilayer clothes are advisable). 
9 day forecast can be found here
 Clicking on a specific day there is also a forecast per hour for the chosen day.
Covid regulations
It is some time already that all covid regulations are cancelled inside Norway. However, please check the regulations for entering Norway from your country of departure. Here is a useful link 
During the event we will not use any measures. However, in case if somebody has mild cold symptoms during the event, we will have masks, covid test and paracet to provide. In case of strong symptoms please contact us to discus further actions (contact info below).
Excursion information
Accompanying person
Those who travel with accompanying person please check related information on the workshop’s webpage